Coffee and Tea

Molly, my sister, and I fell out,
And what do you think it was all about?
She loved coffee and I loved tea,
And that was the reason we couldn’t agree.

I hope that anyone reading this can see how absurd it is to make a disagreement over hot beverages into such a big deal. And yet, I think we’ve all done this. In my younger years, I had absurd levels of animosity for someone over the way they chewed their food or how much they talked on the phone. And I hear people nag each other all time time over issues that don’t affect themselves at all. Some people just want to be quarrelsome instead of letting the small things slide. Did the sister really never talk to Molly again? We have no way of knowing, but how sad, and ridiculous, if they didn’t. All we can hope is that they grew up and moved on from this childish spat.

Verdict: A good rhyme to ridicule over a cuppa.

It’s widely understood that Aesop’s fables had a lesson to impart to the reader. It’s less commonly known, but no less true, that the original Grimm’s fairy tales contained a lot of violence and sexual content that was inappropriate for children. But what about Mother Goose? Were the colorfully illustrated nursery rhymes in your Little Golden Book really so innocent? Were they carefully curated to be only about silliness and pat-a-cake? Let’s explore the reality together in this year’s Blogging From A to Z April Challenge.


  1. Sadly, some people can be that petty. Family should be the one place that you are safe to show all of your quirks and zaniness.



  2. Too lazy to fight here. Live and let live is the easiest policy. Take a stand on things that really matter like um…who gets to decide where to go on holiday, who borrows mum’s new scarf first. Otherwise all cool… 🙂

    All the best for a great A-Z

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