Fears and Tears

Tommy’s tears and Mary’s fears
Will make them old before their years.

Short and sweet with a clear message: relax and live better. I know people who spend too much time crying over spilled milk. Certainly we all need to grieve over losses and spend a healthy amount of time  analyzing what we did wrong so we can learn from our mistakes, but “healthy amount” is the key phrase there. If you’re still berating yourself over some boneheaded mistake you made two years ago, you really need to recognize that you can’t change the past but you can change the future. I also know people who worry excessively about situations that haven’t happened yet, and more to the point, are unlikely to ever happen. They make up narratives in their heads about all sorts of things that could go terribly wrong in any situation, no matter how far-fetched. Why stress yourself out like that? Preparedness is good, but warrantless anxiety is not.

Verdict: Quote this over and over and over at someone who is crying without just cause until you annoy them so much that they stop.

It’s widely understood that Aesop’s fables had a lesson to impart to the reader. It’s less commonly known, but no less true, that the original Grimm’s fairy tales contained a lot of violence and sexual content that was inappropriate for children. But what about Mother Goose? Were the colorfully illustrated nursery rhymes in your Little Golden Book really so innocent? Were they carefully curated to be only about silliness and pat-a-cake? Let’s explore the reality together in this year’s Blogging From A to Z April Challenge.


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