Sulky Sue

Here’s Sulky Sue,
What shall we do?
Turn her face to the wall
Till she comes to.

Children (and adults) should be punished appropriately for their bad behavior. If this little girl was sulking around, I see nothing wrong with making her stand against the wall until she straightens herself. No one else should have to be around her if she’s acting like a brat. Finally Mother Goose acknowledges that some actions have consequences! Although it hasn’t gone unnoticed that the character in this rhyme is a girl…

Verdict: That old punishment of making a kid write something out 100 times? Make the especially bratty ones write this rhyme.

It’s widely understood that Aesop’s fables had a lesson to impart to the reader. It’s less commonly known, but no less true, that the original Grimm’s fairy tales contained a lot of violence and sexual content that was inappropriate for children. But what about Mother Goose? Were the colorfully illustrated nursery rhymes in your Little Golden Book really so innocent? Were they carefully curated to be only about silliness and pat-a-cake? Let’s explore the reality together in this year’s Blogging From A to Z April Challenge.


  1. Finding your blog for the first time because you left a comment behind on another blog I was reading. I have spent a few minutes reading some of the other nursery rhymes for the AtoZ #Challenge.Your blog reads easily, which I appreciate. Uncluttered, and short. Perfect for the #Challenge and for your other writing. A lot of work to prepare and theme that is not run of the mill. Good for you. If you have time or interest, I am writing about BOOKSHOPS, their architecture, location and the good folks who sell books. I had a wonderful time getting ready for April, and I’m sure you did too. Hope to see you.

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