Blogging from A to Z: 2018 Recap

The 2018 A to Z Challenge is over and I hope you had as much fun reading my posts as I did writing them. Thanks to all who checked out my blog and especially all those who took the time to comment. I wrote all my posts in advance so I’d have time to check out other blogs during the month, and I was able to visit almost all of them. So for my wrap up post, I’m linking to the most enjoyable post I found each day.

A to Z

A: Anne M Bray’s daily trucks

B: Bunny’s Girl and the stamps she carves

C: Cynical Sailor, sewing in Spanish!

D: Deeply Trivial, data frames (and so many other nerdy, statistics posts)

E: Everyday Delights – Eish! (South African words)

F: Field Trip Life – Fairy Land Maps

G: Gillian Lockitch – Googled it! (a plea for reason and sanity)

H: Hopes and Dream, featuring Hokusai and Hiroshige of Kyoto Steampunk

I: Inagehi. I call it rye. (you just have to click to understand)

J: Jen Seriously, of course! Check out my J post from 2015, my first year in the challenge

K: K.Rydwin – tongue twisters, this one featuring the letter K

L: Less Beaten Paths (random places all over American, this one feature Letchworth State Park near my hometown)

M: My Life in Ecuador – mototaxis and everything else you need

N: NovaBug Blog – Nomad, Nimbus, Naja, Nescom (click if you don’t know what they are)

O: Onomastics Outside the Box – Olisava, Onesta, Orraca, Osterlind (click if you don’t know what they are)

P: Pulp Paper & Pigment. I loved pop-up books when I was a child!

Q: Quiet Writer, Quarry Bank Mill House (there was only one Q blog in the challenge. good thing they stuck with it and it’s interesting!)

R: Runderdog! Runleashed and Runstoppable. Because apparently I’m some kind of runner now too.

S: Story Crossroads, Swazi Sweetness and Sacrifice (absolutely my favorite blog overall of this challenge. check out all the letters!)

T: Temenos, Truepenny

U: Uncharted. Unsystematic, Unmethodical, Unplanned, Undirected. A random blog. With dogs.

V: View from the Top of the Ladder, Villain (one of Jane Austen’s 26 possible new careers)

W: What I’m Thinking Today, Wine Country (because it features Niagara!)

X: No blogs beginning with X made it this far in the challenge 😦

Y: I came up blank on Y blogs too

Z: Zombie Flamingos, Zee End (hey, we all have to get creative with these letters)

That’s it! I’d say I’ll see you next year, but I won’t be participating next year. I’m doing my own challenge, 40 for 40. Forty personal blogs posts 40 days in a row for my fortieth birthday, which happens to fall in the middle of the A to Z blog challenge. I hope you’ll read along, starting February 26, 2019.


  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge! I’m so envious you managed to write your post in advance. That’s what I planned to do, but RL got in the way. I ended up writing full time and had to stop commenting halfway to the month. I hate this, but I had no choice.
    So sorry if at a certain point I stopped commenting. You did a lovely challenge. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person


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