A Decade of Rocky Mountains

Today is my 10 year anniversary of living in Colorado!

loading up at jim's truck stop

In Buffalo, NY, early in the morning on August 22, 2008, making the final adjustments for the 1,530 mile drive. I’m wearing my favorite Buffalo sweatshirt. I still have it.

I’ve done so much!

Coors 2

2008 – Doing the tourist thing at Coors in Golden. I had no idea I’d still be here 10 years later


2009 – Exploring the southwest corner of the state for my 30th birthday

me in lowry

2010 – My first summer with Trotsky Bear!

National Western Stock Show (4)

2011 – Doing a rather poor job of getting my cowgirl on at the National Western Stock Show


2012 – Newly divorced, making new friends, and starting a fabulous new chapter of life


2013 – Getting riding gear and my own motorcycle

2014-12-27 14.12.48

2014 – The beginning of my love affair with wild and remote places, with the best sidekick ever

Colfax Marathon

2015 – As a fledgling runner doing the Colfax Marathon relay (the shortest leg, of course)


2016 – Storytelling at Truth be Told in Boulder (stay tuned for more next month!)


2017 – Goat yoga. Could I be more Boulder?


2018 – Some of the amazing people I get to have in my life because I moved here!

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  1. […] In my 20s, I lived in India, Mexico, South Korea, Honduras, Russia, Spain, Germany, and Australia. I came back to New York certain that my life wasn’t going to be spent in Buffalo. I was going to get my MA and then head back out to another country. There was so much to see and experience, and I wanted it all. However, when I decided on the University of Denver, I was still disturbed by the thought of living somewhere in the United States that wasn’t Buffalo. It felt like a betrayal of my roots. My accidental roots. Yet somehow I put down new roots and I’ve been in Colorado for over a decade. […]



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