Today’s Topic T is something that I think we’ve all been wrong about at one point or another – who to trust. I can’t speak for men, but for women, or at least myself and every female I’ve ever known, we all fall into the savior/nurse/Cinderella/whateveryouwanttocallit complex sometimes. You know what I’m talking about – the idea that you are the one. You’re going to turn everything around for this person, you are special, you’re the exception, you’re exactly what this person needs and he/she is going to realize it if you just wait around long enough. All the warning signs are there. Your friends try to get you to open your eyes to reality, but you ignore their concerns because they just don’t know this person like you do. You question certain things this person does but always find a way to rationalize them in your own mind so they don’t seem so bad at all. You act a little bit differently around this person, biting your tongue in situations when ordinarily you would say something, but you don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

You probably think I’m talking about romantic interests here. I kind of am because that’s generally when this problem occurs, but the specific story I have in mind for myself is not one of romance but rather just a professional tale. Continue reading →