The Novel: New Year, New Project

I didn’t choose a New Year’s resolution, but a resolution chose me. I’m coauthoring a YA novel. This is an unexpected turn brought about in part by reading No Country for Old Men and by a personal and highly controversial project Ironman was working on. No, none of that is supposed to make sense to you. Perhaps I’ll explain someday if this novel is successful and I end up on a book tour.

To get in the right head space for writing for this audience, I spent some time looking back through my senior yearbook. I’m not in the yearbook as much as I was in previous years because I only went to school a half day that year. I was all about making money at my awesome Burger King job, hanging out with my college-age friends, and being done with Alden once and for all. But, I still had friends in school and they left some entertaining and often cryptic messages on the pages of that yearbook. Continue reading →


I dated a Charlie briefly. Well, dated in the way middle school kids do. We were “going out” but I don’t think we ever actually went anywhere. We probably never kissed either.

As I enter middle age, I’ve been thinking a lot about the people I grew up with. Maybe that’s because IĀ see myself growing older while in my mind these people are forever teenagers. Or maybe it’s because we just started a Facebook group for the Alden High School class of 1997 and a lot of them have sent me friend requests. But in either case, I find it slightly bizarreĀ that all these people I spent 40+ hours a week with for 13 years of my life are complete strangers to me now. Continue reading →