Today is November 1st and that means National Novel Writing Month. I signed up two years ago and didn’t get very far, but this year, I’m all in. I went to two Boulder region kick off parties, I have eleven write-ins on my calendar, and for the past eight weeks, I’ve started attending the Friday 500 and my biweekly Saturday writers group again. Plus, I’m simultaneously signed up for a novel workshop, which started two weeks ago, so I have to submit pages for that for critique. I am firmly in writing mode and have no excuses to not have a draft completed on November 30.

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That Time When…

…you spend an hour and half entering random search terms on the internet and posting on a half dozen What’s the Book? forums trying to find a book, whose title and author you have both forgotten, that you read somewhere between two and four years ago, and then suddenly you realize that you have this feature on your blog in which you track the books you’ve read and the missing book has been at your fingertips all along.

A to Z Blog Challenge Recap

Well, I survived my second year of the A-Z blog challenge. I was smarter about my participation this year. I had about a third of my posts fully written in advance, about a third well drafted, and then a third with just a few scattered notes. That took a lot of the pressure off and gave me time to explore other participants’ blogs.

When I checked at the end of March, I think there were around 1,900 people signed up. I copied the list, plunked it into Excel, and sorted alphabetically so as each letter came up during the month, I could visit the blogs that began with that letter. There were plenty of of links in the list that didn’t work at all for me. I don’t know if that means those people didn’t sign up correctly or if they thought they were going to participate in the challenge, changed their mind, and took the blog down. There was also plenty of attrition early on. I’m talking people who quit participating at the letter A or B. And there were some letters, like S, that had over 200 blogs. I simply couldn’t visit them all in a day. Continue reading →