The End of Year Book Report (#2)

July through December 2016

Title: The Long Weekend: Life in the English Country House

Author: Adrian Tinniswood

Date Finished: 7/3

Finished: ~ish

Format: Hard cover

Ranking Out of 10: 6

Notes: I wasn’t as in to this book as I thought I’d be. I have an obsession with English (and Irish and Scottish, etc) country houses but mostly I just like the pictures. I skimmed through the whole book, reading tidbits here and there that caught my eye. But really I just want to look at the pictures. There was one consistent reference for the pictures in the book – a magazine called Country Life. They have a picture archive. This makes me happy!


Title: Beautiful Ruins

Author: Jess Walter

Date Finished: 7/16

Finished: Yes

Format: Audio

Ranking Out of 10: 6

Notes: This book was entertaining and clever the way the author pulled Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton into the story without it really being about them. I’m not into celebrity culture at all. There was one character who I couldn’t figure out why the author kept including so much in the story. In became clear towards the end of the book, but for a long time, I just kept thinking “who cares?” Overall, the story was kind of sappy, not my usual reading material, but good summertime reading. Continue reading →