A Brief, Half-Assed, Unsuccessful Attempt at Being Vegan

I love meat. Bacon, medium-rare steak, charcuterie platters, Buffalo style chicken wings, those little cubes of ham in a salad bar, a big greasy cheeseburger, and anything and everything that comes from the ocean. I’ve tried horse, dog, tongue, bone marrow, monkey brain, chili powder coated grasshoppers, and most recently, snapping turtle. So why would I try being a vegan?

That’s a good question! I, much like you I suspect, have heard the spiels about animal abuse, environmental pollution, unsustainability, unsanitary food processing conditions, etc. over and over. They don’t convince me. That’s not the same as saying I don’t believe them. I do believe that most of what I hear about the negative consequences of our daily meat consumption is true, but those consequences simply aren’t enough to spur me into action. Continue reading →

11 Weeks and Four Days in The Mountains: Six Days Ago

A thing happened six days ago. We returned to civilization! No, we didn’t abandon our adobe sanctuary and head back to the brick and concrete of Lodo. We got a microwave.

That seem like a small thing but if you’ve had one your whole life and then lived without one for any period of time, it’s a really big deal. Tuesday night, for the first time in two and half months, I ate evenly and quickly reheated leftovers for dinner. We’ve occasionally heated leftovers in the oven or on the range here, but that takes a long time and the food tends to burn or dry out or have tooth-shocking cold spots. The microwave is such a luxury! Continue reading →