Brother Knows Best

Or at least my brother may have a better memory for the geographical history of our family vacations than I do. When I went to Idaho over the July 4th holiday, I believed that I had stepped foot into the one state I had never been to. But that might not have been true. While I was in Kansas last week for Thanksgiving, my brother and I were discussing the places we had been to in the Kansas City area as children…which according to him, were none. I distinctly remember being in Missouri and visiting the Jesse James house, but my brother says that never happened. According to him, we visited a bank in Minnesota that James had robbed.

Then I thought about it some more and realized yes, it’s quite possible that I never did make it to the Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas quartet. Well, shoot. But if that’s true, at least Kansas and Missouri are now knocked off the list for real.

And I mean, I’ve really done Kansas. All the way from the border with Colorado 424 miles across I-70 to Kansas City and back. I left the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and took two days for the eastbound trip. My plan was to stop and see all the kitsch sites along the way, because there are many: a giant Van Gogh painting, truckhenge, world’s largest collection of the smallest versions of the largest things…need I go on? A collection of Americana perfect for the ultimate Heartland road trip. Continue reading →

What Made a 1986 Ford Taurus the Best Car I Ever Owned

It’s Throwback Thursday, something I have never participated in – until now. But I was feeling kind of bad about letting this blog languish with nothing but my horrible haikus to entertain my few faithful readers, so I thought I should put something up today. I found this piece that I wrote exactly 3 years and 1 day ago for the now-defunct Yahoo! Voices (if anyone remembers that). Enjoy!


Good gas mileage, expensive options, and a sleek exterior aren’t always what make a car great. For those of us who bought our first cars during our dramatic teenage years, the memories that we made with those cars can be far more important. Continue reading →