On the Sixth Day of China: A Job for Everyone

Anyone who has been to China for more than one day would find it difficult to classify China as a communist country. Hell, you don’t even need to go to China to know that it’s not. Just look at all the billionaires buying up all the property in the United States and Canada. You didn’t see any Russians doing that back pre-1991. The worst of capitalism and its treatment of workers can be seen all across Shanghai. According to one of my tour guides, young people in Shanghai are often stuck working in fast food or retail jobs where the requirements are 10 hour days, 6 days a week, for an average of 5000 RMB (about $730) per month. They are paid once a month, and if they quit, an employer will often hold their last paycheck for several months. The lack of worker rights and protections has given rise to a true communist movement among some young people, a movement the government is suppressing because it would interfere with the push for global economic domination.  Continue reading →

Mt. Everest, seen from Nagarkot, Nepal (November, 2000)

Mt EverestNawakot Park (2)

While You Are There: Chances are slim to none that you’ll only be going to Nagarkot. You’ll probably be in Kathmandu and there is plenty to do there. But if you’ve been living in India for the past four months on a vegetarian diet, I strongly recommend against gorging yourself on a steak at one of the delicious steakhouses. Your digestive system will not be happy. You’ve got to ease yourself back into it. But the German bakeries – go for it!

Why It’s On My List: I didn’t have much time to spend in Nepal and have no plans of ever conquering Sagarmatha, so I stopped here. And I saw the mountain, the highest point in the world, with its majestic and mythical peak floating in the sky. And checked out the terraced farming. I had never seen anything like before going to Nepal.

For this year’s A-Z Blog Challenge, I’ve decided to showcase 26 of my favorite places in the world. I’ve only been to 22 of the 196 countries, so I’ve got some more travelling to do, but these places are well worth a visit.