Working (9 to 5)

For my N post, I had planned to write about normalcy but then ended up going in an entirely different direction, which is OK because today’s post is kind of the same topic. W is for working a 9 to 5, something that in my wannabe-badass, green-haired, tongue-pierced teenage years I swore I would never do. I avoided doing so successfully, except for a few random temp jobs, until I was 31 and had just finished my graduate degree. Then I got a contract job working in HR for Google (I know, not bad, right?!) while I looked for something in my field.

When I started the first week and got home by 5:30, I couldn’t believe how many hours of the day stretched out ahead of me. Six whole hours until I should really get into bed to have a good night’s sleep for the next day. Even if I spent two hours going out to dinner with friends, I still had so much time to read a book, do the laundry, walk the dog, work on some side writing projects, and do whatever else I wanted to. It was great! Continue reading →