Not Cool

OK, I realize I’m really stretching here to make the letter N work. I had a legit topic for the letter N, but based on my experience last night, I decided a change was in order and that I was going to make what I wanted to say work with N no matter what.

Last night I saw the Stone Temple Pilots in concert. That’s right – STP of Plush, Creep, and Interstate Love Song fame. Scott Weiland no longer sings with them. Their current lead singer is Chester Bennington from Linkin Park.

Let’s just pause for a minute to think about how strange that is. To be the singer of a band that started its rise just as the heyday of STP was ending. Did Chester ever admire Scott and dream of being like him some day? Was he a kid in an STP audience at some point, fantasizing about when it would be his turn in the spotlight? Even if not, it’s got to be odd to be a star in your own right and then be asked to fill someone else’s shoes. Continue reading →