279 Days in the Mountains: Recycling, All the Boulderites Are Doing It

I previously wrote about trash and I think it’s about time for a follow up post concerning recyclables. For most of history, trash has just been trash. But if you know anything about Boulder, you won’t be surprised that Boulder is front and center in zero waste initiatives. Every building in the city is filled with waste stations that require you to stand around for five minutes trying to figure out which bin each item in your hand belongs in until you just give up and chuck it all in the landfill bin anyways.

I’m not anti-recycling and I don’t hate the environment, but I am selfish. Recycling has to be easy and time-efficient or I can’t be bothered. The house I rented before I moved in with my partner had a big single-stream recycling bin that I could dump everything in and take down to the end of my driveway every two weeks, so I recycled everything. When I moved in with my partner, our first condo had no onsite recycling, so everything went in the trash. Our next condo had recycling for cardboard, so cardboard got recycled and everything else went in the trash. Now we live in the mountains where there is no recycling, so you might think that once again, everything goes in the trash. Continue reading →