Hobby Horse

I had a little hobby-horse,
And it was dapple gray;
Its head was made of pea-straw,
Its tail was made of hay.

 I sold it to an old woman
For a copper groat;
And I’ll not sing my song again
Without another coat.

Our young narrator learned a hard lesson in this rhyme. Sometimes you have to sacrifice things that you value or even love out of necessity. Clearly it is far better to have a warm coat than a toy, but useless objects can have a lot of sentimental value. Props to the narrator for making the right, though tough, decision, and here’s to hoping we can all do the same if the time comes. Of course, here’s more to hoping that it never comes!

Verdict: Shout this one out loud while galloping along on your horse. Continue reading →

Every Evil Under the Sun

Many Mother Goose rhymes attempt to impart the lesson that life isn’t always fair.

For every evil under the sun,
There is a remedy, or there is none.
If there be one, try and find it;
If there be none, never mind it.

This first one focuses on calamity in our life. When something bad happens, do what you can to remedy it, but understand that there isn’t always a remedy. Doctors do what they can to save cancer patients, but the fact is that we don’t have a cure. When a car crash kills someone, there isn’t always a party at fault; sometimes an accident is just a terrible accident. Life is full of evils, but those can’t always be addressed by lawsuits, legislation, or anger. Continue reading →

A Little Cock Sparrow Sat on a Tree

A little cock sparrow sat on a tree,
Looking as happy as happy could be,
Till a boy came by with his bow and arrow,
Says he, I will shoot the little cock sparrow.

His body will make me a nice little stew,
And his giblets will make me a little pie, too.
Says the little cock sparrow, I’ll be shot if I stay,
So he clapped his wings, and flew away.

This is a great selection to kick off this year’s blogging challenge because it’s all about personal responsibility, which is a characteristic I value greatly. The moral of this nursery rhyme is apparent: help yourself! Yes, the bird should be free to sit in the tree as long as he wants. But if trouble comes his way, he’d better not sit around waiting for legislation to protect him. You can putter across a pedestrian crosswalk instead of running while a drunk driver barrels down the road toward you at 60 mph because you have the right of way, but you’ll also be dead at the end of this scenario. Your family can sue, but how does that benefit you? Take smart action, live longer.

Verdict: Let the cock sparrow sing this rhyme loudly from his new nest. Continue reading →