Robin and Richard

Robin and Richard were two pretty men,
They lay in bed till the clock struck ten;
Then up starts Robin and looks at the sky,
“Oh, brother Richard, the sun’s very high!
You go before, with the bottle and bag,
And I will come after on little Jack Nag.”

After all the sludge we’ve gone through in this blog challenge, how refreshing to find a progressive nursery rhyme and finally be able to applaud Mother Goose. Of course, this rhyme never made it into my children’s books. You can bet that “brother” Richard is not Robin’s brother. And the “bottle and bag” seems like a bottle in a bag and these two lovers are about to engage in some day drinking. Sunday Funday!

Verdict: Write this rhyme on the outside of the next paper bag you use to bring your booze to the park and enjoy! Continue reading →