Big Birthday in Belize

For my 40th birthday, I was toying around with the idea of a long weekend with friends somewhere like Nashville, Asheville, or New Orleans. But when tickets came up to Belize for $350 round trip, well, plans changed. Melissa¬†(who turns 40 just six weeks after me) and I snapped up that deal and started planning caving expeditions, hikes, beach time, and snorkeling. It was a magnificent trip! Everyone should go. Belize is beautiful, safe, exciting, uncrowded, and filled with some of the most genuine and friendly people in the world. Here are seven highlights from my seven days. Continue reading →

Word Soup Free Verse 2

Ahoy, Blue! – she cried.

Holy Azul! – they yelled back.

Strangers on the ocean.

Animosity lacking, for the distance between them kept them safe

And I, in my berth, dreamed of a periwinkle Botswana.

Cut a bunch of interesting words from magazines, junk mail, paint samples, church hymnals, stolen restaurant menus…wherever you can find words that resonate in you. Put them in a bowl, draw a few, and see what comes out!