The Half Year Book Report (#4)

January through June 2018

Toward the end of this six-month period, I decided to start including sentences I love from these books. When I can remember to write them down, that is. I used to do the Sunday Sentence on this blog, but now think it makes more sense to include those lines directly here. So look for more of those starting with the next installment of the Book Report this December. 


Title: The Boys in the Boat

Author: Daniel James Brown

Date Finished: 1/18

Finished: No

Format: Hard cover

Ranking Out of 10: 6

Notes: This book was full of impressive research and gave a fascinating look into the world I know nothing about. but it kept going and going. After I read about two or three races, that was enough. I didn’t need to read about eight more. I did a lot of skimming over those parts but enjoyed the human parts still. The lives of the men of the team were interesting. I also enjoyed that, although Nazi Germany was part of the setting, the book wasn’t too political. The Nazis weren’t the main point.  Continue reading →

The Half Year Book Report (#2)

January through June 2016


Title: Good Christian Bitches

Author: Kim Gaitlin

Date Finished: 1/9

Finished: Yes

Format: Paperback

Ranking Out of 10: 3

Notes: I’m so embarrassed that this is the first book on my list this year, although I was reading a few others simultaneously, which you can probably figure from the dates of the next two entries. I don’t know why I read this. Every once in a while, I just need to junk out. These books are my version of celebrity gossip magazines or reality TV. It’s either read something like this or zombie out to Netflix for half a day. I’d rather read because at least then I’m engaging my imagination a bit. Anyways, this book was like the Babysitters Club for adults. Seriously, even the quality and level of writing. But it kept me reading to the end.


Title: Just Like Us

Author: Helen Thorpe

Date Finished: 1/9

Finished: Yes

Format: Audio

Ranking Out of 10: 10

Notes: Let me start this by saying my position on how to treat and deal with illegal immigrants in America is the only issue out of every possible issue in the world that I don’t have a clear opinion on. I can see all sides of the argument and I just don’t know what the best solution is. Also, let me start by saying that when I pick up a book that has a very strong political bias one way or the other, and I didn’t know that in advance, I’m probably going to close it pretty quickly and not pick it up again. So I absolutely love this book because while Ms. Thorpe is clearly on the sympathetic, we-need-to-do-everything-we-can-for-them side, she presents both sides of the argument clearly and without mockery, condescension, or a snide attitude toward the side she isn’t on. Well worth a read (or listen) for anyone who is interested in the human side of the debate. Just the day to reality of what it is like to live without papers (through no conscious decision of your own) and yet be trying your absolutely hardest to make something of yourself. Continue reading →