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The topic of Crystal Light came up in a random discussion with friends a few weeks back. It was one of those “flash from the past” moments for me. We had so much Crystal Light in my house when I was growing up. I loved the canisters and little foil labels and picking out what flavor we’d have next. When my friends and I started talking about it, I could instantly recall the commercials – images, jingles, all of it. They are still there, forever occupying brain cells. Ugh. When I became an adult, I became a brand hater, mostly because of the commercials. I didn’t like being told what I should buy in manipulative ways that burrow so deeply into my subconscious. I got rid of television over a decade ago. I immediately change radio stations when there is a commercial. I buy generic products all the time. Continue reading →


Knock on wooden teeth, but outside of the dentist’s office, I have never had an x-ray. I’ve never broken a bone or had any major health issues that necessitated one. In the dentist’s office, however, I’ve had plenty. Plenty of x-rays, plenty of novocaine shots, plenty of teeth pulled, plenty of cavities filled. My teeth are really bad. I’ve gone without health insurance for extended periods of time but I do not go without dental insurance. Except when I lived overseas, but any sort of medical work done outside of the US is reasonably priced, so there’s no need.

Part of why I had so many teeth pulled is because my mouth is simply too small. If I hadn’t had them pulled, they’d be sticking out every which way. So I’m grateful for all those hours in the dentist’s chair when I was a kid, even if they didn’t have the topical anesthesia back then. I felt every millimeter of the needle going into my jawbone over and over. Brutal. But I amaze my dentist (or the hygienist, to be accurate) now at my tolerance for pain while she scrapes and jabs and pokes. None of that fazes me. Continue reading →

Oral Hygiene

If you survived my K post, you’ll probably survive this one too, but just a warning for everyone else, this one is gross. What I was wrong about that begins with the letter O was oral hygiene. I hated brushing my teeth when I was a kid. I think all of us kids did because my mom put a little wooden hourglass, snatched from some board game that had survived through her childhood into ours, in the bathroom and we were required to brush our teeth until all the sand ran out.

So I would go in the bathroom, shut the door, turn the faucet on, and play the soap dish game for two minutes. The “soap dish game” was our family term for lingering in the bathroom unnecessarily. Not a very nice thing to do in a house with six people and one bathroom. Continue reading →