Poetry entered and exited my life very early on. It was a natural extension of the nursery rhymes that I couldn’t get enough of as a child. Then my literary genius cousin gave me a copy of TS Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and I went on a poetry kick for a few years. I wrote a bunch of childish poems that the aforementioned wordsmith cousin was proud of and passed around among her professors at Daemen College.

(As an aside, I had completely plagiarized one of the poems in the set and she had no idea until I told her last year. She was horrified. I had been 8 years old! And I’ve had plenty of writing instructors talk about how copying lines from a work you love is a good way to get the creative ideas flowing. They obviously don’t advocate trying to pass them off as your own, but did I mention that I had been 8 years old when I committed this cardinal writer’s sin??) Continue reading →