Sanctuary 2.0: More Ghost Stories

In the spirit of the season, here are three more events from my supposedly haunted house. It’s been a pretty quiet year, though, so don’t expect too much from this post.

Spookiness Level: 1/10
The Situation:
I opened a sample size tub of Hustle Butter Luxe I had and found the tub empty. It was sitting on a side table in my living room for a long time, but I know I didn’t use it.
The Ghostly Explanation: A ghost used it. Colorado is dry and ghosts need to moisturize their, um, non-existent skin too.
The Logical Explanation: It evaporated or a friend used it. Continue reading →

6 Years and 346 Days Later…So Long, Denver!

Between the ages of 18 and 33, this was my life: start college, drop out of college, get my first apartment, start a new college, study abroad in Australia, study abroad in India, study abroad in Germany, graduate, work in Mexico, work in South Korea, work in Russia, work in Honduras, work in Russia (again!), work in Spain, work in Russia (again!), move back to America, get married, move to Denver, go to grad school, finish grad school, get a real job, get divorced, get serious with a new guy, become a freelancer, move in with the new guy, find a new job.

Now, what’s word best describes those 15 years? CHANGE. And plenty of it!

But then suddenly, there wasn’t. I had it all. I had the guy, I had the job, I had swank accommodations downtown, and I had the world’s best dog. I was firmly on the young urban professional treadmill. Tragic, I know. Continue reading →

The Final Weekend

50,398 voices rise up in the anticipation of a home run. A generator runs unrelentingly. The city bus wheezes and creaks. Heavy construction machinery emits a steady beep as it moves in reverse. A food service truck engine idles as the workers unload the perishables. A horn honks as a driver grows impatient at the person in front of him who is too busy texting to notice that the light has turned green. High heels click on a sidewalk. Two Chihuahuas yap incessantly each time someone dares pass their door frame. Glasses clink on patio tables. The elevator down the hall dings and dings and dings and dings.

Stop! Continue reading →