Boulderites Aren’t Unique…And That’s Good!

I grew up on the east coast where people are aggressive, angry, and closed off. Then I lived in Russia for several years, where people are closed off, angry, and aggressive. And then I moved to Boulder. Boulder is a magic land. Boulderites sincerely welcome newbies into their friend group. They mean what they say and do what they promise. They are genuinely happy for the success of those around them and the fact that others are out enjoying nature and leisure time as much as possible. I’ve never been in another place where people always smile at each other as they pass by on the street or a trail and where strangers so frequently strike up conversations beyond small talk with one another. When I exit our magical borders, I kind of expect the whole rest of the world to be in a Mad Max state of affairs.

OK, that’s all a bit of an exaggeration, but my point is, I believe Boulder is an anomaly, so when I travel somewhere else and find people every bit as lovely as they are at home, I’m surprised…and thrilled! And this was my experience in Dallas. I recently spent 11 days in the city where big things happen and had a wonderful time. Everywhere I went people were friendly and open and pleasant, and I don’t only mean the people I was with. Shopkeepers, servers, bartenders, gas station attendants, and so many people I encountered seemed to be in a great mood, and that made my trip even better. Continue reading →


I was a honeybee in a musical in first grade. I was on stage on the opening (and only) night singing my big number along with a few dozen other honeybees, and one of my cardboard wings fell off my shoulder and dangled awkwardly from my elbow. But at six years old, I was already a professional and knew that the show must go on. And so it did, and so I did. On and on for twelve more years with my dreams of being an actor, kind of.

I was in the chorus, in the school musicals, in the church plays and pageants. In seventh grade, I landed the lead role in the middle school musical, a casting decision that displeased more that one eighth grade student. Later, my brother started a band and I was the lead singer. I was destined to be a star. Continue reading →